Attic Conversion

An Attic Conversion is when you convert your Attic into a more useful and livable space. Whether you want to add a bedroom, studio, gameroom or other type of room, converting your attic may be a great option.

Millbrook-Construction can help you decide if a Attic conversion is right for you by going over different options with you and providing a no obligation free estimate.
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Some of the Attic Conversion services we offer:
  • Design a plan for the new space
  • Pull necessary permits
  • Make any necessary structural changes to your home to make the attic space more usable
  • Build a stair case when needed
  • Extend air condition ducts to new space or install new air conditioning unit to cool the space
  • Connect plumbing if the space will have a bathroom
  • Electrical work
  • Add insulation if necessary
  • Finish the interior space with drywall, texture and paint
  • Install flooring

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