Also see Garage Conversion

Millbrook-Construction can build your new garage. We have built garages for clients who either did not have a garage at their house, the current garage was not structurally sound, or the current garage did not meet their needs. More and more people are moving in town to older homes that don't have a usable garage. Call or email us today to discuss your new garage! We also offer Garage Conversion services.

New Garage built by Millbrook-ConstructionNew Garage built by Millbrook-Construction
What you need to know:
  • We will pull the necessary permits
  • We will engineer your slab and structure and meet windstorm requirements
  • We adhere to all building requirements and are extremely familiar with the City of Houston's building requirements
  • We can demo the existing structure
  • The roof and siding (or brick / stone) can be designed to match or compliment your house
  • We warranty our work

Some items to consider that will determine the cost of your new garage addition:
  • What size garage do you want?
  • Do you want a second story? (for storage, a workshop, office, livable space, etc)
  • Do you want the garage interior finished with dry wall?
  • Do you want the garage designed to match your house or do you have another design in mind?
  • Do you have an existing garage that will need to be demolished?

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